Afro-Beauty Consumer [ep. 2] feat. Essence Cosmetics, #TeamFlawless

Afro-Beauty Consumer is back with a new episode! Essence Cosmetics has been the talk of the town in South Africa since then launch of their #TeamFlawless brand amaassadorship. This time around, I will be sharing how I achieved my Calling Us Home theater trip glam.

Essence Cosmetics, a hit or miss?

Personally, Essence Cosmetics has always been my “start up” brand. When I first started using makeup, and the #EyebrowsOnFleek trend was strong, I depended on Essence Cosmetics for their Eyebrow Designer pencil. When it comes to other products, the jury is still out, but they are an affordable brand that still provides good (quality) products to their consumers. At the price they’re offering, you couldn’t ask for better!

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