Beauty Buys To Consider This Winter

Beauty Buys To Consider This Winter

We’re halfway through the year and in the middle of the season. In South Africa, things are going to heat up soon, from the weather to the entertainment industry.

While our friends in the northern hemisphere enjoy the next few weeks of their hot girl summers, those of us down south need to prepare. The beauty industry can be trendy at times, but quality products diminish the likelihood of your beauty-buy becoming a retail-regret.

Over the past six months, I’ve tried out an assortment of products, sourced new stores to purchase other products, and considered how skincare and beauty products may be synonymous in some ways. For this reason, I’ve compiled an assortment of beauty buys to consider this winter.

As you know, a successful summer is planned as early as autumn/winter!

Eyeshadow Palettes

The Woolworths Beauty collaboration with Sir John, Beyoncé’s esteemed makeup artist, was a brilliant drop in 2019. The palette featured colours you would never imagine from a brand like W Beauty, and more so than that the formula was immaculate. The creamy shadows further packed a punch with their rich colour pay off. Additionally, one of the shadows doubled as a brilliant blush for those of us who enjoy color in the face.

Sir John's eyeshadow pallet (supplied)

Unfortunately, the exact palette I’m referring to is no longer in production as it would seem. Nevertheless, W Beauty does have an alternative that will give you quality shadows, a few great shades, albeit without the expert color selection Sir John applied to his palette. Be wary, however, the similar palette is also a “limited edition,” so Woolworths claims, so get yours while stocks last.


Frankly, the lash business comes across as a scam from time to time, and not necessarily because the styles aren’t interesting, but because the shipping cost is ridiculous. The idea of paying R100 for shipping to purchase a product for R 200 offends my wallet, but until we can actually rely on the Post Office, this is going to be our struggle.

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Over the past few months, I’ve come across a few falsies suppliers with varied styles. Sometimes, you need a lash to blow your naysayers away, and other times, you just need a simple lash to make you look awake throughout the day!

I have yet to try out the lash extensions route, this is because the cost is not one that I can justify in my budget. Between having to make time to sit for a fill and finding the money in my account, false lashes have always offered an easier alternative. More so than that, I can keep a single pair for months if I use and clean them well.


A couple of years ago, I called out SwiitchBeauty for their lack of diversity with regards to their digital marketing and branding imagery. Since then, I’ve noticed an active effort to present their brand as inclusively as possible. With this being said, I can confidently recommend their products to everyone.

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that’s one attractive image #airmatte

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When a friend of mine came home with SwiitchBeauty goodies, including the #AirMatte lip crayon. The product doesn’t create that cringeworthy cracked lip effect after a few hours of wear, neither does it dehydrate the lips.

At this point, we’ve got just over a month to perfect our makeup techniques in preparation for summer. Personally, I intend to have a hot girl summer, in the light of Megan Thee Stallion. Until the weather improves, however, happy shopping!