Credipple: Where Crediting Creators, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Meet

The dawn of digital meant content could be produced and disseminated as fast as one’s internet speed. At the same time. a creator’s work could be stolen, re-purposed, and re-presented just as quickly. For this reason, the conversation about ‘credits’ began. In South Africa, the most recognizable form of that conversation was #CreditThePhotographer, pioneered by Austin Malema alongside, colleague and friend, Cedric Nzaka.

In recent months, Credipple launched to carry on the conversation about credit and credibility. The online platform seeks to bolster the credibility of content creators by providing a digital space where they can display their creative credits.

Credipple in theory

Lethabo Sekhu, Kgolo Lekoma, Sibusiso Manentsa found each other at the University of Pretoria. Kgolo’s studies took longer, while Lethabo and Sibusiso entered the job market, during which time they realized the need to have a digital portfolio. “The fact that we were creatives as individuals, we realized there was a need for a place where we could get credits for the work we’ve done,” Kgolo explains.


Kgolo Lekoma, Lethabo Sekhu, and Sibusiso Manentsa ( left to right)

Kgolo candidly explains how the idea to expand on creating their own digital portfolio came by chance. Finding a place for all of their credits resulted in platforms that couldn’t represent them well. For that reason, they embarked on creating a digital space that could service more than just themselves. This was the beginning of what has become a two year journey.

Credipple was difficult to get off the ground. Granted, the trio dreamed of a platform for all, but none of them are technologically savvy in terms of coding. Sourcing the correct sponsors and coders was hard, but in that process they realized the importance of family and friends; their network. The first crowdfunding effort was in 2015, with the next one in 2016, via an event and Thundafund. However, the founders’ parents played the biggest role in contributing to the crowdfund so that other people could put their faith in the project too. “Had it not been for [our friends and family, we] probably wouldn’t have run full steam as far as we’ve gotten.”

The impact of organic and algorithmic feed organization on collaboration

Nevertheless, there were moments where #OpenUpTheIndustry and #CreditThePhotographer went against their own ethos. With social media moving away from organic organic feed organization, the quest to ‘beat the algorithm’ has made content creators cliquey. Credipple, as it exists today, doesn’t have an algorithm that favors some content over others. For instance, the reel on the homepage of the platform is randomized to share different projects weekly.

To further drive home the essence of inclusion, the founders launched #DREAMERSWANTED. The campaign is a season long effort to get creators to work together on social activities. Credipple was conceptualized “to be a home for creatives”, and by getting users to collaborate on projects together, the founding trio seeks to tighten the bonds of their family.