Cyril Zuma Is The Photography Instructor Every Novice Needs

Cyril Zuma Is The Photography Instructor Every Novice Needs

The first time I used a DSLR camera was on April 5, 2014, when I shot a prominent photographer in Braamfontein at the time. After shooting, I didn’t know what became of the image until I saw that he had edited the picture and posted a while later. After that, I edited my first image on Lightroom in October 2016 as a Live Magazine intern. Since then, I’ve shot and edited countless images, but I’m still learning. Given my novice photographer status, coming across Cyril Zuma’s Photoshop editing tutorial on YouTube was much appreciated.

Cyril Zuma, the photographer

Cyril Zuma is a Johannesburg based commercial photographer. You’re likely to come across his work where there are lifestyle and entertainment subject matters concerned. Being able to point-and-shoot is something most can master with time, but editing styles will set every photographer apart. In his YouTube tutorial, Cyril gives viewers a glimpse into his style of editing using Adobe’s Photoshop program.

On top of his work as a photographer and, now, YouTube Photography Instructor, Cyril founded iStock Image Africa. In a world where whiteness is treated as the gold standard, it is important to normalize blackness in every space. For instance, scrolling through a website that uses stock images and not finding a single image that reflects your demographic composition. “Where are the black people” is a question we shouldn’t have to ask, especially in African markets. Cyril’s iStock Image Africa seeks to correct this by providing high-resolution stock images of Africa’s assortment of black people.

Editing images is more than Instagram filters

Back when Instagram was new, using filters was the cheat to making a not-so-great image a bit better. Since then, photo editing apps like VSCO have improved the editing experience. However, in my experience, nothing beats Adobe products like Lightroom and Photoshop, nothing beats editing from scratch. In Cyril’s 23-minute tutorial, he takes viewers through every part of his editing process. Will watching make you the best photo editor in the land, maybe not, but it will improve what you’re already doing!

Image by Philani Ndlozi & Makagiso Mokoena