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Misa Narrates is approaching two years of its existence. For this reason, I have begun a new digital marketing course! Digify Africa has launched their first online digital marketing course. The Digital Marketing for Professionals 101 program takes place twice a week over four weeks. Brought to you by Livity Africa with Facebook, Digify Africa seeks to improve on digital skills throughout Africa to get people ready for the digital work force.

An introduction to digital marketing

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Digital Marketing for Professionals 101 is offered by Digify Africa via the GoTo Meetings platform

Being into digital content for the past two years, many concepts aren’t new to me. At the same time, I’m quite rusty on the ones around marketing. This past week we were reacquainted with marketing terms and how to market content. To keep up with the program, stay tuned through social media on Tuesdays and Thursdays using the #DM101 tag.

Over the next four weeks, I will post weekly to share some of the things I’ve learned. You will find all relevant posts here.

A few tidbits of knowledge

Digital Marketing

All marketing performed through digital platforms (e.g. social media, SMS, email, etc.)

  • Most Africans access the internet through a mobile device
  • 170 million are active on social media
  • You only have 3 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention
  • Mobile sites
    • Google is less interested in desktop sites in comparison to mobile sites
    • Check your page insights regularly (Google Insights is a useful tool)
    • Best way to reach people is through search engines

“The only way you can succeed online is through consistency” – Bokang Sibolla

Content Marketing

Everything you see online (e.g. images, video, text, etc.)

  • Audience
    • For whom are you producing
    • Understand their interests
      • Bearing your goals in mind, determine how best to meet them with your target audience in mind
  • Examples
    • ¬†Podcasts
      • 10 – 20 minutes is how long your podcasts should be
      • Plan your content meticulously
      • Augment your audio with text
    • Visuals must be gripping from 3 seconds in
      • Remember
        • Quality – do they look as good as they should
        • Composition – framing, balance, & focus
        • Consistency – visual content should be recognizable & coherent in accordance with your brand (e.g. aesthetics)
      • Videos should have subtitles
      • Augment your video with text
    • Articles
      • Compelling but clear headlines
      • Space your text well (headings, visuals, etc.)

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