Everything You Need To Know About Social Media Marketing | #DM101


If you check your social media feeds just after waking up, you are not alone. However when you are in the business of digital marketing, be sure to use your character allocations wisely. When marketing anything, the key is to know your audience and what they want.

In the wise words of South Africa’s favorite, “Give the people what they want!” But you can only do that if you understand your target audience and their behavior. This week in the Digital Marketing for Professionals 101 course, Digify Africa shared some insight into the world of Social Media Marketing.

Find a few tips to apply for yourself below…

Find your people (read: audience)

  • What are their social markers (demographics)
  • What are their interests (psychographics)
  • What social platforms do they use
    • Rhis will help you determine which platforms to use
  • What type of content do they prefer (video, text, etc.)
  • How do they behave online
  • [All of these answers you will find in your analytics accounts]

The only real goals are SMART goals

  • The goal must be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Recorded, and Timely
  • E.g.: Getting more likes (not SMART) vs. Increase likes by 30% in a year (very SMART)

Have a strategy

Every action should be strategic. What you like, post, put on campaign, etc. should align with an overall marketing strategy. Do your research into how to reach your (SMART) goals using a social media strategy. The social media strategy will also directly coincide with your content strategy.

  • Research hashtags before using them
  • Determine how much time you can afford/need to commit to social media before becoming inconsistent & irrelevant/unnecessary
  • Respond to all inquiries/comments (good or bad; always give people the attention they need) [specific to business related things: not necessarily trolls]
  • A campaign strategy is important for each project
    • Phase 1: before campaign dates
      • What are you doing in preparation and promotion of the campaign prior to the launch date
    • Phase 2: the day of the launch/event
      • What type of content are you releasing & how are you doing so
      • Is there a known hashtag to be used
    • Phase 3: Post campaign time
      • Say thank you to participants of the campaign
      • Recap what happened
      • Produce a post-mortem report on the success/pitfalls of the campaign

Your branding

  • Have a clear voice, tone, & personality
  • Authenticity cannot be faked (your people will notice)
  • Your brand should be recognizable across every platform
    • Examples: your profile images, your bios, etc.
    • NB: try to get your handles to be the same

Monitor your social media

Without a business page, your analytics game will be weak! Collect data from your platforms regarding how your content is doing and how people are engaging. Pay attention to spikes in your data.

  • Know who engages the most & how to communicate with them specifically
  • Social Media Reports
    • Use spreadsheets
    • Set benchmarks
    • Measure total engagement
    • Add context to data
    • Gage the best time to post
    • Reuse top posts
    • Engage influencers who interact with your content

Helpful tools/resources

Hootsuite (both the platform & their blog)

Followerwonk (follower analytics)

Research shows that people like Pinterest, so get to pinning!

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