Festival Politicos [Ep. 1]: Afropunk Johannesburg 2017 | #AfropunkJoburg

Reminiscing about #AfropunkJoburg

Afropunk JHB 2017 will never be forgotten. Above all, every attendee will have their own tale of how they perceived the event, and each will be valid. At the same time, everyone will fondly recall how inclusive the #AfropunkJoburg space was. A burning question for Red Mosiane and I was how the “laws”of Afropunk were reflected in the fashion on the day.

Festival Politicos is a new docu-series, by Reconnected Productions and Misa Narrates. The series seeks to find the medium where fashion and political attitudes meet. The series is exclusively available on the ReconnectED TV YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe and turn on your notifications for updates!

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