Festival Politicos [Ep. 3]: We Are One Music Festival 2018

The ethos of We Are One Music Festival

The 2018 We Are One Music Festival was no different. Thokholo Booysen and Tshepang Mabizela have been working on WAOM festival for years, and believed 2018 was the right time. The duo sought to create a space where attendees could experience music of different genres, especially with artists who may or may not have the same social visibility among the general public.

Understanding Festival Politicos

Where there is a festival there are politics of society and fashion. In relation to fashion specifically, there is always something political about someone’s choice of attire to an event. Why that statement tee, why the multicolored hair extensions, and more.

This time around, Festival Polticos seeks to understand the inner workings of the festival goers of We Are One Music Festival, 2018.


All festival artwork designed by Khanya The Designer (@khanyathedesigner)


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