“In essence, unity, self expression, and mutual support are the foundation of streetwear culture in South Africa; and RHTC is at the helm of that movement.”

I wrote for ReconnectED about how the culture of streetwear culture being as veritable a culture as being Xhosa. True to their ethos of inclusivity and moving the culture of streetwear forward, RHTC founded Lets Play Outside festival. Curated by over 100 street artists,  young creative entrepreneurs can experience “playing” together in the market and in life. On the day, musical performances by Stiff Pap, Baby Caramelle, Espacio Dios, among others, entertained the “cool kid” crowd at Constitutional Hill.

Between the various local streetwear brands, moon bag/fanny packs, and more, Lets Play Outside was a kaleidoscope of fashion influences. In conclusion, Festival Politicos sought to engage festival goers on how they engage with streetwear culture as a member of the youth. Particularly, how streetwear fashion exists alongside the youth in a South African context.