Festival Politicos [Ep. 6]: Back To The City 2018

Back To The City, 12 years of African hip-hop

Back To The City International Festival (BTTC) took Johannesburg by storm on April 27, 2018. Every year, the City of Gold hosts international and local talent to entertain the city. This year, the date also commemorated South Africa’s young democracy of 24 years. Hip-hop is predicated on self expression, and BTTC is no different. The theme of this year’s Back To The City festival was  “Freedom of Self”. Part of the theme was for patrons to verbalize their truths and normalize the expression of their sentiments.

The annual festival is more than musical performances, however. It includes panel discussions, film screenings, skateboarding, gaming and more. Back To The City takes place in one of Johannesburg’s most trendy areas, giving way to festival goers being more experimental with fashion.
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