Festival Politicos Is Nominated At The 2018 Zanzibar International Film Festival

Festival Politicos, by Red Mosiane (Reconnected) and Misa Makwakwa Masokameng (Misa Narrates), is up for best Web Series at the 2018 Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF). The category is new, and was announced in collaboration with DISCOP, “Africa’s largest content markets.” 

A nomination for Festival Politicos

Festival Politicos is a docu-series about the intersection of socio-political thought and fashion at festivals. We conceptualized the show on Day 1 of Afropunk Joburg 2017. When we realized that the draconian rules of Afropunk, including “no DSLR cameras, backpacks, or in-and-out”, weren’t being enforced we set our sights on shooting the show on Day 2.

We got to work using a smuggled camera and an iPhone as a mic. We hope to share more than an aesthetically pleasing stories; this is the origin of our web series. Six episodes, three cross country trips, and a year of friendship later, we are nominated at ZIFF 2018.

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