Good Sex – Bad Sex

We should have never moralized sex. We should not have allowed our religious leaders to dictate how, with whom, and when we have sex. With this in mind, we should allow people the space to live the sex lives they wish…it’s not as if the general public has to participate if they don’t want. Sex, above any moral or doctrine, can only be consensual. For some, however, sex does not translate into an exclusive relationship and it is nobody’s place to judge them.

Prostitution, but let’s rather call it ‘sex work’, is the oldest profession in the world, as the adage goes. Sex workers have rights as human beings, but they do not have rights in their line of work throughout the world. Granted, most children do not grow up wanting to be sex workers but once they can consent on how they choose to sell their bodies, be it to a legitimate company or to a ‘John’, is their choice. As a society we should only ever be opposed to sex work when people are forced into it. The “pimp and pro” relationship has terrible power dynamics and often benefits the pimp most. Even worse is the sale of people in the human trafficking trade. If we stopped placing morals on sex, one being that sex is only meant to happen between married people, we may see a world where there is more protection for sex workers.

Amber Rose recently hosted her second annual Slut Walk; an initiative started by Rose in 2015 to combat rape culture, sexual injustice, and the inequality of the sexes. Many of us know Amber Rose as a former stripper, girlfriend of Russell Simmons and Kanye West and former wife of Wiz Khalifa; but outside of these titles Amber is a woman who owns her sexuality and puts it to good use…on top of her brilliant brain! Rose is not the first and surely will not be the last dancer turned celebrity in  pop culture, but it would be nice for exotic dancers to be treated with the same respect as the people from supposedly “respectable” professions who slip money notes into their costumes. After all, dancers don’t make their money catering to average Joe’s, they dance for the very men we regard with the utmost respect. In the case of Amber Rose, while she was not a sex worker, exotic dancing can be just as sexually charged as sex (for the client), so why not allow sex workers the same rights to which dancers have access?

Having multiple sexual partners at any given time is not a new phenomenon. What has changed in today’s world is that more and more women are doing the same. The major difference between men and women engaged in this activity is that the latter group must wear the title of ‘hoe’ and often later assert their control over their bodies by taking ownership of that title and proclaiming ‘hoe is life’. Sex outside of committed relationships does not require public approval or disapproval…in fact, unless the public is in the bed, or whichever position, their standards have no bearing on how sex should be had.

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