Healing: The Art of Leaving Your(worst)self Behind

Healing: The Art of Leaving Your(worst)self Behind

After Self Harm Awareness Day, we can recall a quote by Warsan Shire, “If we’re gonna heal, let it be glorious.” The concept of self care can seem like a trend, given how much it’s been used as part of an aesthetic, but it is more than “aesthetic.”

The process of a wound healing is the furthest thing from “Instagram worthy.” The skin around a injury is sensitive, the scar tissue is rough, eventually the scab falls off, and only after years does the scar fade. Even though we can’t see it, the emotional scars are equally ugly.

At the same time, there is power and glory in healing.

Finding cleaner air

Self-awareness is the process of understanding one’s character and sentiments. In order to heal, one must identify that which needs healing and the cause. However, identification of a problem can be difficult when your context doesn’t change. By removing one’s self from a situation or setting, thus changing the context of scrutiny, people can better locate where the problem lies.

Nature is always a great place to start your journey of healing. The context of any natural habitat, the beach, a mountain, or a garden, for instance, is one of the universe. The water, mountains, and roses in your garden have been here for centuries before you, and the centuries that will come after.

Choosing your better self

You’ve identified your pain, now what? Re-calibrating your principles and values may seem difficult, but it is the next logical step. The hardest part about unlearning and relearning is the opportunity to choose between your better self and your damaged self.

Change can only be quantified by time. Similarly, to heal, one must move at the pace of time in order to become a healed version of themselves. Making an active choice to be a better person is part of the journey to shedding your “worst” self.

This process is the furthest thing from easy, but it is rewarding. Waking up one day and realizing that you are made over will fill you with a sense of power and glory. In conclusion, remember this: