Honoring The “Nasty Womxn” in Theater and in Life

Honoring The “Nasty Womxn” in Theater and in Life

Last year, a certain Internet troll (read: POTUS) referred to Hillary Clinton as a “nasty woman.” Nina Donovan, a poet from Tenessee, USA, penned a powerful poem titled after the term. This year in Cape Town,  Dara Beth, a member of The Furies Co-op, wrote and directed a three womxn play titled “Nasty Womxn.” Starring in the production are Masali Baduza, Kathleen Stephens, and Maria Vos.

Not quite a midsummer night, but a dream indeed

Once Masali, a friend and former classmate, announced her role in the play I marked my calendar. Last Saturday, with my trustee theater buddy (AKA my mother), I made my way to Alexander Bar, Cafe, & Theatre. Perfectly placed in the city, the Alexander is a thespian’s dream. In the dimly lit and intimate dining area, my mother and I toasted, however prematurely, to the completion of my undergraduate studies. Eventually a voice that one can only describe as godly signaled the beginning of the show.

Greek mythology meets 21st century reality


Image by Pagy Wicks

“Nasty Womxn” blends classic Greek narratives about the goddesses to womxn of the 21st century. You will laugh, but the play is undeniably a tragedy. The characters are inspired by well known public figures, the goddesses, and everyday womxn. Think Medusa and Persephone meeting with The Kardashians and “Small Town Anne”; in a universe made of gold, glitter, and unapologetic inter-sectional feminism.

Theater and education

Theatre has a way of taking otherwise confusing concepts and making them understandable for the average person. Too many times on Twitter the question of “what can we do” rears its ugly head. The question is ugly because it is usually posed in a way that puts the onus to answer on the womxn most negatively impacted by patriarchy.

If you are one of my beloved readers, before you ask “what can we do”, ask yourself if you’ve been educated about the issue. If you haven’t, make your learning experience fun and make your way to the theater. To my fellow Cape Town residents, you still have tonight and tomorrow evening to catch “Nasty Womxn.”