Last Minute Fashion For Afropunk

With the first Afropunk taking place on African soil upon us, the question tormenting every ticket holder is: “What on earth should I wear?!” This isn’t your regular music festival, Afropunk has one of the most specific yet impactful dress codes compared to similar events. Nor is it just another night out, it’s the last 2 days of the year and nobody wants to finish off 2017 looking bland.

Here are 4 simple things to incorporate in to your Afropunk look to meet all your requirements.

Prints, of course



Colourful wax printed fabric like Ankara are the go-to for anyone trying pull off a stereotypically African aesthetic. This Afropunk, take the opportunity to branch out a bit and incorporate prints usually reserved for special occasions with less international popularity, like seShweShwe.

Play With Your Crown


Your first instinct may be to do your hair in a style that you’re used to but what better chance will you get to explore past your comfort zone than this? Spend a little time researching the countless hairstyles one can only really accomplish with African hair. Whether the era of our Mother’s perfectly shaped afros or braiding styles our ancestors wore, don’t be afraid to take a risk and make it your own.

Sport i’Spoti



Too late to get your hair done? A hat is your saving grace and what hat speaks more to authentic local pop culture from the time when Spikiri and TKzee ruled the airwaves than what the rest of the world refers to as a Bucket Hat. Whatever its name to you, this is a simple way to elevate to even the simplest look. They can be found at all price points in every colour and print you could imagine.

Beat The Beads



Beading is a main signifier of countless tribes across the continent. There are so many ways to include this in your look, but most require more time than what we have left. So, the easiest way to incorporate this is through beaded accessories tourists love available almost everywhere.


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