Look UP (EP), Jabba’s First Solo Project

Jabba, one half of Bougie Pantsula, just dropped his first solo project! Look Up (EP) is a seven track project executive produced by Zarro. Co-Producers include Beatsmith, Canvas Ports, and Matt Ryan, the latter being the other half of Bougie Pantsula.

Look Up (EP) on first listen

Jabba’s solo project leans more towards traditional hip-hop sounds, however with the young musician’s own flair for kasi cool. Track one sets the tone for the project, an EP about rhythm and poetry, RAP. His flow is a far cry from lazy, however his smooth delivery gives off “cool” energy. Similarly, “Thabekhulu” and “Track 3” take on the same quiet confidence of the intro.

However, not to be stood up, “Zazz” takes center stage as the song people would want to hear at a party. To call it a traditional club banger would be a stretch; however, this is the song one expects in a grungy  “nightclub” for lack of a better word. Imagine the likes of Waiting Room, Great Dane, and Kitchener’s instead of establishments like Cantare or COCO nightclubs. “IDK”, also strikes out as a power song; not trap, but most certainly the style of hip-hop enjoyed from behind the wheel.

Sure to give listeners a summer song, “Voicemail” is a fun Dezemba track. The feel good track sounds like champagne popped on the first days of summer. At the same time, it is reminiscent of moments where a braai turns into a full on house party.

To close out the project, Jabba brings his listeners down with the 90s sounding track. His production team worked hard to maintain hip-hop at the core of this project, while Jabba floated over his beats like water passing over stones in a riverbed.


What did you think of the project?