Moshe Ndiki For Telkom Is Influencer Marketing Done Right

Moshe Ndiki For Telkom Is Influencer Marketing Done Right

Money leaving your bank account is sore for anyone, but depositing money into the wrong account is catastrophic. For Moshe Ndiki, fame came knocking at his door after he accidentally deposited his rent money into the wrong account. With what he had left, he indulged in wine and cigarettes to ease his pain, all the while recording the experiencing.

After uploading the video to YouTube, titled “Woozementation,” viewers watched Moshe narrate his struggling living situation. Over the years, we’ve seen the quality of Moshe’s videos improve as acting gigs and sponsorship opportunities have improved his standard of living.

This evening, while waiting for a Teen Moms recap video, I was served an ad on YouTube featuring Moshe. While I’m currently disappointed with Telkom for their service provision, the agency in charge of their advertisements have no parts of my disgruntled sentiments. In fact, the agency deserves some applause for choosing Moshe Ndiki and the type of advertisements they made to promote the Telkom brand.

The ‘Amastreamist’ Campaign

In this digital campaign, Moshe explains what it means to be a ‘Streamist,’ and in turn further explains how one can stream using Telkom. From the devices available to the content worth streaming, everything is presented in a gripping and relatable format. Added to this, Moshe is one of the characters whom you wouldn’t mind watching on repeat.

Granted, the version of Moshe Ndiki’s entertainment that the internet knows is widely different from a brand’s comforts. Nevertheless, the content stands out; otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing about it today. Too many brands get influencer marketing (and placement) wrong, to the point of a general negative sentiment towards the whole business. This doesn’t stop agencies and brands from trying, however, and thankfully this time it worked.

Moshe’s personality is inviting, his language is relatable, and his humor is natural. With this said, I can’t berate brands getting influencer appointments wrong without the occasional vote of thanks to those that get it right.

Outside of the fact that the campaign promotes Telkom, I like seeing this win for Moshe. It’s a moment for every struggling creative artist and/or content producer. It inspires, sometimes that’s all you need on a heavy day.