NAMI’s “Hold My Hand” Is A Paragon Of Indie Music

NAMI’s “Hold My Hand” Is A Paragon Of Indie Music

Unami Kombanie is probably most recognizable online for his sense of fashion. From his matching two-piece sets to his perfectly trimmed hair, he is a sight for sore eyes.

On his 26th birthday, instead of simply receiving his well wishes, Unami came out as NAMI and debuted a new single, “Hold My Hand.” In 2018, he shared that he’d be interested in working on an indie music project. At the time, we didn’t have a name, a time frame, or anything indicating whether or not he’d actually pursue the idea.

Then, on June 27, 2019, his birthday, NAMI gifted the world with “Hold My Hand” featuring The Woodz.

The four-minute track is the masterpiece of NAMI, The Woodz (Lesedi Nape) & XM (Muano Ramakuela). The song is moody, longing, and enchanting, with a hook that stays with you well after the song is over. “Won’t you hold my hand/ Let me be your man,” goes the track.

While NAMI is currently living his best life in the U.S., this song dropped in South Africa during the heart of winter. The weather and the often love-longing Twitter timeline of this country only amplify the perfection of NAMI’s release.

The instrumental alone would make for peaceful sleep and the vocals take listeners on a hopeful journey for love. NAMI promises an EP is on the way, but until then, add “Hold My Hand” to your playlists and enjoy the four-minute musical paragon.