“No More”: A Prelude to Una Rams’s “Nobody”

I have been interested in diversifying the types of media I use to accompany my poems. Some of you may already know my voice through Soundcloud and the Instagram stories I upload whenever I’m out and about. While I love music, I’ve never quite been able to make it. Sound paints a more vivid mental image for any poem, makes it deep.

Getting into the booth

Thanks to Una Rams, I finally went to a recording studio in Cape Town to work on my first poem. Over a month ago, Una approached me with the concept for his upcoming music video for “Nobody“. He asked that I write the prelude, record, and send it back to him whenever I was ready. Admittedly, I procrastinated as is the standard with anyone faced with a dream and self-doubt.

Yesterday, in the late afternoon,  my apprehensions were quelled and made silly when he released the finished cut. Take a look:

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