Oppikoppi 2018 With #HintOfPrintWithOnceTravel

After my much needed break after Oppikoppi, I’m finally getting around to editing! There is still some more content coming, although I’m not sure how quickly it’ll be out. In the mean time, enjoy a sneak peak into my experiences, via the latest #HintOfPrintWithOnceTravel vlog!

Who is Once Travel?

Folks in Cape Town would know Yours Truly on Kloof, whereas people in Johannesburg would know of The Immigrant in Braamfonetein. Both establishments share space with the two Once Travel establishments: Once In Cape Town and Once In Joburg. Once Travel is the agency that manages the two, and plans all sorts of travel experiences for their guests. Soon come, Rocking The Daisies packages will be available for folks who want to travel without hassle!