[Gallery] #OutsideInsight, Meltwater Biz Breakfast | May 18, 2018

Meltwater business breakfast at Park Inn Hotel, Cape Town

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Meltwater’s business breakfast. What struck me first was how well attended the event was, as well as the venue itself. There were business people from various agencies, the perfect convocation of business creativity. I mused to myself why I didn’t see more freelance digital content creators there.

It could have to do with the event being in the morning. It could also have something to do with information being hard to find in South Africa. Whatever the case, the event was free and highly informative. Not to mention, the breakfast was yummy!

After an hour of mingling, Dave Duarte, a marketer and social entrepreneur, shared his insights on the art of storytelling with Meltwater’s guests.

Here are some key takeaways 

“A good story unlocks empathy”

  • Stories need to go beyond the facts in order for the fact to become relatable
  • No matter what, you’re not the hero
    • Brands that present themselves as heroes were only truly successful in the eighties.
    • Brands should be the entity that shows the people (the heroes) the way
  • Produce stories people care about

Stoke SM engagements

  • Three kinds of conversations
    • Wildfires: packaging your story. Working hard on the craft, the visuals, etc.
    • Bonfires: all about conversation and community. There is no hierarchy, an equal exchange of ideals. Engaging people in a long standing conversation. Meeting people in a conversation they’re already in.
    • Fireworks: centrally managed, lots of work upfront, and it should “boom”. Anticipation/Surprise is the key element.

“Everything you do makes your story”

  • Story making is what you do so that other people can make stories about you.
  • Brands don’t control the narrative, they can only influence it
  • Being ‘credible’ is better than ‘clickable’

All images by Misa Narrates

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