I Was Not Happy When I Wrote This, #misaNarrates

I have been overwhelmed, unhappy, and swimming in dark waters. In this time, I've committed more to the growth of M3NA Media, albeit in a less than ideal headspace. However, I have been able to pen the occassional poem where all of this started, Twitter; your favorite bird app!

5 Reasons To Watch ‘Hustlers’

Just last week, Empire Entertainment and Slikour OnLife hosted guests at the Sandton City Sterkinekor cinema for the premiere of Hustlers. The film is the work of Lorene Scafaria, featuring a star studded cast with names like Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, Lizzo, Cardi B, and more! Hustlers follows the lives of exotic dancers before and after the Wall Street crash of 2008. Without villifying sex work,


Image by Zee “Misa Narrates” became a “thing” on Twitter. I owe a large portion of my success to that bird app. There was a time when I dilegently shared morning affirmations on Twitter, however life got the best of me and I slowed my momentum. Nevertheless, before this time, I made a point to publish every poem with the hashtag #misaNarrates, as if to say, “Misa tells stories.” Below

“South Africa [not quite] our land”

For womxn, South Africa’s national anthem sounds like a lie, particularly the part where we sing, “In South Africa our land.” This is not about land ownership, although that is an equally pressing social matter that needs unpacking. This is about the fact that womxn cannot go anywhere without the threat of death hanging over their heads like a poorly installed chandelier. This week, survivors of sexual assault took to

Afro Diva & Misa Narrates’s First Vlog

Living in Johannesburg means I don’t get to see my family nearly as much as I would like. As such, it’s always a treat when my mother comes to town! Over the past month, people have been curious about the relationship I have with my mom, particularly where social media is involved. My thinking is that if I show you, it’ll make a little more sense. For this reason, I’d

5 Things To Remember In Situationships

Even though there are a couple of origin stories for the term “sco pa tu manaa,” the general consensus is to speak one’s mind on any given idea when the phrase is coupled with a topic. The viral phrase has elicited countless opinions on various topics, and on one particular occasion, I participated in the spectacle. When one user asked that I speak my mind on “situationships,” I shared my

Cyril Zuma Is The Photography Instructor Every Novice Needs

The first time I used a DSLR camera was on April 5, 2014, when I shot a prominent photographer in Braamfontein at the time. After shooting, I didn’t know what became of the image until I saw that he had edited the picture and posted a while later. After that, I edited my first image on Lightroom in October 2016 as a Live Magazine intern. Since then, I’ve shot and

Wendy Gumede’s “Beyoncé’s Thoughts – In Zulu!” & “Our Zulu Mom” Is Quality Content

The Black Wendy Channel content before 2019, was personal, humorous, and opinionated. Wendy Gumede shared accounts of her life experiences, participated in YouTube trends, and more since launching in 2017. This year, as Beyoncé became more active in the public arena, particularly while promoting The Lion King (2019), Wendy struck content gold! Beyoncé is known to stay out of the public eye more times than not, but 2019 has probably

Sibu Mpanza & Hlehle Lupindo’s Greece Baecation Was Influencer Gold

Sibu Mpanza propelled himself to YouTube stardom when he got South African Twitter to rally behind him in efforts to #GetSibuToLA. Since then, he’s worked with an assortment of brands and continued to produce relatable content. Some of this content is hyper-personal, particularly his willingness to share his relationship with his subscribers. For instance, Hlehle Lupindo is now a fixture in the More Mpanza Family, as his subscribers refer to

Working Womxn Deserve White Toes & Stilettos

Since I began my professional career, I’ve made it a point to have my nails manicured at all times. In Cape Town, my nail technician was a French-speaking mother of one and a wife. She helped me keep my French skills active and provided a much-needed reprieve from my 9-5. When I moved to Johannesburg on December 28, 2018, the very next day I asked Twitter for suggestions for a