A Wedding Dress For The Commitmentphobe, DAY 3 #SAFW 2019

I have never relished the idea of being someone’s wife. However, I fondly recall watching The Wedding Planner on WeTV with my mother and thinking that I had found my career path. I don’t relish the idea of working with a bride to plan their wedding. However, I still like the idea of producing a beautiful spectacle of love. If I did go into wedding planning, I’d consider one of

Day 2, #SAFW 2019: What I’ll Wear When I’m Rich

Money hasn’t recognized me yet, so some of the things exhibited at the Spring/Summer 2019 South African Fashion Week are out of my financial lane. Nevertheless, it’s worth it to dream and admire the work put forward. Have a look at Day 2’s designs below! I would love to wear these when I’m rich enough to swipe without consulting my bank balance first. ERRESPRING | SUMMER 2019 GERT JOHAN COETZEESPRING

Designs To Die For From #SAFW SS19 Day 1

After moving to Johannesburg, I believed that I would attend the 2019 Spring/Summer South African Fashion Week (SAFW) for the first time. Unfortunately, the event passed without me seeing a single long-legged beauty grace the catwalk. Since I couldn’t catch things live, it’s fair to share the designs that I most enjoyed here! Take a look at what some of my favorite looks from Day 1 of SA Fashion Week.

A Life Update: Misa Narrates Comes To Jozi

Image by Lwazi Mcongwane During the height of South Africa’s 2010 World Cup festivities, I decided not to return to the United States for high school. I changed my life that year, and I made a similar decision when I decided to move to Johannesburg, South Africa at the end of 2018. On December 28, 2018 I boarded a one way flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg in time for

What’s “Love” Got To Do With It, Meet Kalai

The year is 1984, and Tina Turner is dominating airwaves with her hit single, “What’s Love Got To Do With It”. Lyrics like, “What’s love got to do, got to do with it/Who needs a heart when a heart can be broken”, question the importance of love. Tina powerfully describes someone disinterested in the feelings associated with being in love. For her subject, the sentiments necessary to be in love are

Afro-Beauty Consumer [ep. 2] feat. Essence Cosmetics, #TeamFlawless

Afro-Beauty Consumer is back with a new episode! Essence Cosmetics has been the talk of the town in South Africa since then launch of their #TeamFlawless brand amaassadorship. This time around, I will be sharing how I achieved my Calling Us Home theater trip glam. View this post on Instagram I’m off to the theater this evening to see @callingushomemusical. If you’d like to see it with me @artscapetheatre this evening,

“I Can’t Believe It” – Riky Rick, The Short Film By Adrian Louw

South African musicians have the most unfortunate reputation of poorly executed artistic projects; music videos being the most noticeable example. Riky Rick cannot be attached to this idea, however. The 31 year old rapper has delivered musical bangers for the better part of his music career, but the visuals for his latest single “I Can’t Believe It” have captured my heart. A musical favorite with whom I share differences in

Dear H&M x Moschino, “We Have Local Designers To Support”

Last week, H&M premiered their collaboration with Moschino (pronounced mo-ski-no) at a launch party in Sandton, Johannesburg. Prices range from between R300 to R4,600 for accessories, shoes, and apparel. From a price point of view, this isn’t a terrible deal; especially when considering the Moschino label sells items from $60 to the mid-upper thousand dollars. At the same time, “we [South Africans] have local designers to support.” I saw this quote

Calling Us Home: Humanizing The Migrant Experience

“We did not come to this country so that I can work in a fish factory for the rest of my life.” – Isabella, Calling Us Home As the child of two immigrants, the severity of dialogue around immigration around the world is not lost on me. However, political talk often becomes news fodder and later poorly articulated conversations on social media. Both instances, usually, further erase the people most impacted

Look UP (EP), Jabba’s First Solo Project

Jabba, one half of Bougie Pantsula, just dropped his first solo project! Look Up (EP) is a seven track project executive produced by Zarro. Co-Producers include Beatsmith, Canvas Ports, and Matt Ryan, the latter being the other half of Bougie Pantsula. Look Up (EP) on first listen Jabba’s solo project leans more towards traditional hip-hop sounds, however with the young musician’s own flair for kasi cool. Track one sets the