Casually Traditional: Fashionable Differences Between Nations

When I shared with my friends that I would be attending the Africa Summit for Women and Girls in Technology in Accra, Ghana, they told me to keep an eye out for their future husbands. The rumors are true; the men in Ghana are beautiful, but that isn’t what captured my eye (for very long, at least). What held my attention were the different styles of dress. ‘What to wear?’

Sainthood: Combating Stigma and Abuse Among Boy Scholars

There is an age where boy children are no longer told that they are special, brilliant, or beautiful. At this age boy children are no longer made to feel important and worthy of life; particularly black boys. In a system rigged against them and designed for their demise, encourage the people using their voices to celebrate them.  Tiisetso Mashifane wa Noni is the Director and Playwright of A Tragic Conversation on

WATCH: 2018 Africa Summit For Women And Girls In Technology Vlog

Before the 2018 Africa Summit For Women And Girls In Technology, the last time I crossed a border was in 2013. Suffice to say, when the time came for my first trip to Accra, Ghana, I was ecstatic. My mother and I stayed at the Labadi Beach Hotel, the same place where Web Foundation and A4AI hosted their 2018 summit. 2018 Africa Summit for Women and Girls in Technology As

Digital Communication: Success Without Radio Play

After a week in Accra, being back in Cape Town means I no longer hear afrobeats from every sound system in earshot. In Ghana’s capital, the afrobeat genre is king, and artists of the genre monopolize airwaves. This only reminded me of how South African radio is as Western as Ronald McDonald. Throughout the world, radio stations playing their locally produced sounds is the standard; why not in South Africa?

Poetry SS 18/19 Showcase

In the last week of September, Poetry hosted guests at the Winchester Mansions in Sea Point for their Spring Summer 18/19 showcase. All of the years I’ve resided in Cape Town and I have yet to add Sea Point to my frequent hotspots. For good reason, everything is so beautiful there, you feel urged to spend money! Upon arrival, Winchester Mansions, a quaint looking hotel, was decorated in white orchids. Guests

Vanguard Styles App: Keleabetswe Mahuma Digitizing Beauty & Hair

The international hair industry is huge, with black people accounting for most of its revenue. In South Africa, this is no different; however since moving back, I’ve always been weary of hairstylists. From watching neighbors come out of local salons with freshly relaxed hair without any bounce and too much shine to not finding a stylist in the suburbs, black hair care can be stressful. Vanguard Styles app allows users

Ford’s Short Film: The Independent State of Nandi (2018)

Last July, Ford South Africa released a short film, The Independent State of Nandi. I found the short through a YouTube ad placement. As a sucker for short films, I often spend an unanticipated two to three hours watching indie short films and movie trailers. Thankfully, what eventually spurned one such YouTube binge, The Independent State of Nandi, was relatable. I’ve never owned a vehicle, much less driven with my significant other in the

Oppikoppi 2018 With #HintOfPrintWithOnceTravel

After my much needed break after Oppikoppi, I’m finally getting around to editing! There is still some more content coming, although I’m not sure how quickly it’ll be out. In the mean time, enjoy a sneak peak into my experiences, via the latest #HintOfPrintWithOnceTravel vlog! View this post on Instagram Here’s a SNEAK PEAK for what’s to come next week – our @oppikoppi photo blog 📸 Shout out to @jaycarsonzine

[LISTEN] “Sativa” – TRON PYRE Releases Single Ahead Of “PANGEA” Project

“Sativa” sates appetites before PANGEA Tron Pyre has been building up anticipation for his next project, PANGEA, through a suspenseful social media campaign on Twitter. Over the weekend, the new age R&B, Soul, singer dropped his single “Sativa”. The track reminds listeners of times when musicians sang and dance in the rain for music videos. Tron Pyre further goes on to include his production credits on Twitter. The melodic composition

Vote Of Thanks: My First Oppikoppi, #OK24NOMAKANJANI

Now that the dust has settled after Oppikoppi 2018, I would like to say thank you. In no particular order, thank you to The Plug Magazine, Once Travel, Jagermeister SA, Tabeth, Shellingson, and TysonFREE. While there were even more people whom I have not named, so many people made Oppikoppi an enjoyable time for me. Oppikoppi Music Festival 2018 For those who did not know, I covered the Oppikoppi Music