WATCH: “GRWM: Reminiscing About #SAMA25”

The South African Music Awards (SAMAs) hosted their 25th annual ceremony. For the first time, I attended the show and now I’m reflecting on the production, my highlights, and the relevance of the awards. From my interviews with the likes of Tresor, Sho Madjozi, and Sjava to running into Gigi Lamayne, the SAMAs were certainly star-studded. However, there were negatives to the show as well. For instance, the question of

Honey Makwakwa’s ‘Sangoma Society’ Is A Digital Archive Of South African Spirituality

Image by Lauren Mulligan Every culture has its customs, however, colonial rulers did their best to snuff out the richness of their hostage nations. Christianity is one of the most pervasive teachings of the colonial era. For this reason, the reclamation of one’s heritage is both a personal and communal responsibility. There are various manifestations of this type of work, one of which being through harnessing the internet; as Honey

Beauty Buys To Consider This Winter

We’re halfway through the year and in the middle of the season. In South Africa, things are going to heat up soon, from the weather to the entertainment industry. While our friends in the northern hemisphere enjoy the next few weeks of their hot girl summers, those of us down south need to prepare. The beauty industry can be trendy at times, but quality products diminish the likelihood of your

Moshe Ndiki For Telkom Is Influencer Marketing Done Right

Money leaving your bank account is sore for anyone, but depositing money into the wrong account is catastrophic. For Moshe Ndiki, fame came knocking at his door after he accidentally deposited his rent money into the wrong account. With what he had left, he indulged in wine and cigarettes to ease his pain, all the while recording the experiencing. After uploading the video to YouTube, titled “Woozementation,” viewers watched Moshe

There Is A Reason ‘Sex And The City’ Made Sense For The 1990s

When I was growing up, my mother used to watch Sex And The City, which meant it was time for me to go to bed. The 1990s HBO series was groundbreaking, raw, and unfiltered, which has solidified it in sitcom history 21 years after it first aired. Sex And The City follows the lives of four friends in their 30s & 40s, namely Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbs, Samantha Jones, &

NAMI’s “Hold My Hand” Is A Paragon Of Indie Music

Unami Kombanie is probably most recognizable online for his sense of fashion. From his matching two-piece sets to his perfectly trimmed hair, he is a sight for sore eyes. On his 26th birthday, instead of simply receiving his well wishes, Unami came out as NAMI and debuted a new single, “Hold My Hand.” In 2018, he shared that he’d be interested in working on an indie music project. At the

White Men Against Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court Ruling I Never Thought I Would Live Without As someone born in 1996, the concept of an America without the protection of Roe vs. Wade never crossed my mind. Then, in May 2019, Alabama Senators produced a bill that bans abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be determined. This happens at about 6 weeks in the womb…most people don’t know they’re pregnant at six weeks. “Georgia, Kentucky,