#WomxnMoment 2018: #TheTotalShutdown March

New episodes of #WomxnMoment this August At #TheTotalShutdown march, womxn and gender non-conforming individuals took to the streets of South Africa in protest of gender-based violence. What started as a conversation online quickly turned into a movement that saw people performing their rage and demanding for change. #TheTotalShutdown demands In addition to marching, we delivered a 24 point memorandum to Parliament and President Cyril Ramaphosa. While the Cape Town march

Afro-Beauty Consumer [ep. 1] feat. Fenty Beauty

Where does Fenty Beauty fit into Africa? “Dark Continent”, that’s the unbecoming adjective to describe Africa. There is no better indicator that the continent is left out of the global market. In fact, this is most acutely in how brands interact with Africans and how Africans are only “meant” to participate as consumers. Worse, there seems to be an underlying assumption that Africans will “consume” anything. As such, Afro-Beauty Consumer, a

Credipple: Where Crediting Creators, Entrepreneurship, and Digital Meet

The dawn of digital meant content could be produced and disseminated as fast as one’s internet speed. At the same time. a creator’s work could be stolen, re-purposed, and re-presented just as quickly. For this reason, the conversation about ‘credits’ began. In South Africa, the most recognizable form of that conversation was #CreditThePhotographer, pioneered by Austin Malema alongside, colleague and friend, Cedric Nzaka. In recent months, Credipple launched to carry

Zana Masombuka On Creating And Becoming Ndebele Superhero

A superhero is defined as “a fictional hero having extraordinary or superhuman powers” according to Merriam Webster. While Marvel gave us the likes of Black Panther and Thor, Zana Masombuka created “Ndebele Superhero” in 2017. Zana is a Johannesburg based, freelance creative director, originally from Siyabuswa, KwaNdebele. Her heritage is the foundation to her work, and the lack of representation of Ndebele people in 21st century society spurned her creation

What I Learned About the 30 Day Yoga Journey I Couldn’t Finish

At the beginning of June, I started a 30 Day Yoga Journey. I haven’t completed it, and I’m okay with that. At some point life got the best of me, work got busy, and I fell ill. However, I learned the lesson that I set out to find. Becoming less reactionary, breathing deeply By the time I arrived in Johannesburg, for #HintOfPrintWithOnceTravel, I had only just caught up with my

#TourWithMisa: #HintOfPrintWithOnceTravel At Once In Joburg

At the beginning of June, I shared my newest collaboration across social media, #HintOfPrintWithOnceTravel. Once Travel is youth hotel brand, with properties including Once In Cape Town and Once In Joburg. From June 7 – 10, 2018, Once Travel hosted me at their Johannesburg property. In this episode, watch me take on Braamfontein! Join me at Una Rams’ “Wavy Baby” launch, meet Rebel for the first time, run into Shane

Wavy Baby by Una Rams Is Here

Some of you would have seen on social media that I featured on another musical project. This year, Una Rams tapped on me to co-create the storyline of his EP, Wavy Baby. Over the past few months, we have been in contact via telephone and email to finalize the prose for the project. Wavy Baby launch performance At the PUMA #SelectSessions launch in Joburg, I performed “Eden” for the first

Reserving My Respects for XXXTentacion

This week, news broke that rapper XXXTentacion was robbed and murdered. Waking up to a Twitter timeline full of so much respect for a domestic abuser and homophobe is nothing new. It can only be disappointing at this point in the game. However, XXXTentacion’s sudden demise has raised the conversation of whether to separate “the artist” from “the art”…again. To be honest, we just can’t. Money: XXXTentacion’s armor As is

30 Day Yoga Journey: Week 1 Check In

This blog is severely overdue. After the week I had in Johannesburg and catching up on admin, I never updated about my 30 Day Yoga Journey. To put it simply, Week 1 was great, however I should be posting Week 2’s check in by now. The fact that this post is so late is indicative of the struggle I’m having with this yoga journey. Stay tuned on YouTube Keep an

Festival Politicos Is Nominated At The 2018 Zanzibar International Film Festival

Festival Politicos, by Red Mosiane (Reconnected) and Misa Makwakwa Masokameng (Misa Narrates), is up for best Web Series at the 2018 Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF). The category is new, and was announced in collaboration with DISCOP, “Africa’s largest content markets.”  A nomination for Festival Politicos Festival Politicos is a docu-series about the intersection of socio-political thought and fashion at festivals. We conceptualized the show on Day 1 of Afropunk