Hosted by yours truly, The Invigilation is a podcast about the merits and shortcomings of different social events and gatherings. From concerts to festivals, product launches to fine dining demos, I take note of the wins and losses of each event’s production.

The idea to launch a podcast has been with me for a while, think back to Ramblings With Misa Narrates. Even though I intend to pick up production on that one, it requires a guest for each episode, and I’ve recently come to accept that I’m not always willing to wait for others. As such, The Invigilation was my way of getting back into the podcast space without the hassle of organizing guests.

As for the title of the podcast, I have to thank none other than ON. In the entertainment industry, many people will recall some kind of interaction with ON, but they may not know exactly what he does or who he is. For me, he’s my co-thinker, my fellow clipboard bitch, and confidant. After a chance encounter and a bond formed at Jabba’s Johannesburg showcase, he and I have been as thick as thieves. Now, we jokingly comment that at every event, we are like the invigilators during examinations.

So for those of you who enjoy my voice, please enjoy it a little more and tune in to The Invigilation!