Tsholofelo “Rebel” Rabotsho Enters the Misa Narrates Space


Tsholofelo “Rebel” Rabotsho came into my line of vision as many new writers do, online! She is a house music DJ specializing in media and entertainment. In addition, she works as a radio host and producer, freelance digital content producer, and voice over artist. However her work as a writer and her talent as a DJ were immediate draws for me as I went through her work.

Finding music

Tsholofelo grew up around music; exposed to house music and the DJ lifestyle from a tender age. In her teens, while she was meant to be going to her modelling classes, she sneaked off to watch other DJ’s play and learn.

Around that time is where she began dubbing herself “Rebel”. In essence, becoming a house DJ directly defied, not only, her family’s wishes, and the sexism of the industry.

Inspired writing

To date, Tsholofelo has yet to find the total link between her work as a house DJ and her poetry. Nevertheless, she finds inspiration in her lived experiences and those of the people around her. “I want to write about relateable [pieces],” she describes.

Her favorite subject matter in her poetry is the pain she’s experienced in her personal life. However, like many of us, she enjoys the anonymity that poetry allows when engaging with sensitive topics.


“If it’s meant for you, it’ll be yours.” – Tsholofelo “Rebel” Rabotsho

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