Sibu Mpanza & Hlehle Lupindo’s Greece Baecation Was Influencer Gold

Sibu Mpanza & Hlehle Lupindo’s Greece Baecation Was Influencer Gold

Sibu Mpanza propelled himself to YouTube stardom when he got South African Twitter to rally behind him in efforts to #GetSibuToLA. Since then, he’s worked with an assortment of brands and continued to produce relatable content. Some of this content is hyper-personal, particularly his willingness to share his relationship with his subscribers. For instance, Hlehle Lupindo is now a fixture in the More Mpanza Family, as his subscribers refer to themselves.

In 2019, the couple went on holiday to Greece. They shared their journies in real-time through social media, featuring mini-videos, snapshots, and tweets. Upon their return to South Africa, they released vlogs of their adventure over two weeks. The most recent video being 12-hours old upon the production of this article clocked 3,900+ views. At this point, the highest views belong to their first vlog, “We Made It To Greece.”

24, 000 views and counting as of July 25, 2019

#GreeceBaecation is certified gold!

While going on holiday with a partner is sweet and momentous, in the world of content, documenting the experience is what I call “influencer gold!” Not only did this duo entertain their audience, but they also grew their channels and flexed their content production skills at the same time.

Being able to monetize your life and opinions is probably one of the most rewarding parts of working in the “influencer” field. With this trip alone, their following has grown, their social capital has increased, and they’ve reinforced the loyalty of their subscribers. Yes, Hlehle’s dream was always to go to Greece, and to Greece, they went. However, every content producer’s end goal is to be able to do what they love and produce the content that matches that sentiment. It is for this reason that this couple struck gold!

In close, if there is anything to take away from this excellent series of content, it is that South Africans content consumers appreciate travel. Even if you can’t make it to Greece, a simple jaunt around a less explored local town will attract eyes to your work. However, most importantly, when you produce content featuring the things and people you love, that sentiment translates from screen to screen.