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Drake’s fourth studio album, Views, features lyrics like “I turned my birthday into a lifestyle.” One can take different meanings away from the lyric, one of which being that you can influence people through creative spaces. One such example is the RNDM Network started by Lulo Tevin Rubushe, Cape Town native. Lulo started conceptualizing the RNDM Network back in 2013 starting with a street apparel line and later developing into an internet based creative network. His dream was to create a space for well established businesses to appeal to their younger consumers as well to create a space where emerging businesses can do the same. This is accomplished through various campaigns in collaboration with these businesses. In the past few months, the RNDM Network has worked with Puma, Troll Beads, as well as Watch Republic.



Q: I first met you in 2015 while you were working with Head Honcho but also working only on ‘dressRNDM’; today you have formed the RNDM Network. How was that transition?

A: With the clothing, I was in a space where I felt like making clothing and selling it was a whole culture on its own. At the same time I really wanted to make a difference with whatever business I was involved in. Today, dressRNDM is still around, but just under the RNDM Network with the guiding idea of social integration behind it. Now there is just more of a message behind what the ‘random’ brand is all about, and that is what I had wanted to establish using the RNDM Network.

Q: What is the link between the name of your business and what you do?

A: We came up with the name in 2013, and we just wanted something different; so literally “something random”…At the time that is what stuck. RNDM is about bringing different concepts to life in South Africa’s creative space. We aim to be different but also to make a difference in South Africa. My team is made up of diverse characters, so creating concepts for various brands ends up being ‘random’ because of our personalities and ideas being so varied.

Q: What were some of the difficulties you first encountered in 2013 when you were trying to get yourself off the ground?

A: The first group of people that I work with has since dissolved. Thankfully everyone has gone on to accomplish new things in their lives so I’m glad that all of us are doing well. Because of how close I was and still am with my team today, sometimes the fact that we are still studying, but also just because we are so close outside of work was difficult. At the same time, I really did appreciate how close we are at the same time. We went out together, we worked together, and we were actively involved in each other’s life. Eventually we just outgrew each other and that’s what led me to the team that I work with today.

Q: If you had to summarize what RNDM was to someone who had no idea what you do and stand for, what would you tell them?

A: The RNDM brand is about social integration with special interest in creating opportunity for the young business people. This is done through creating a platform for established brands to make their products and services more appealing to the youth as well as the up and coming businesses to do the same. We want to link consumers to their services/goods providers, but also for each brand to be able to network with each other through us. We document our experiences with various brands and activities and share them with the South Africa.

Q: What is a goal or vision of yours that you want to speak into the universe right now?

A: A lot of people would think that I am concerned with a lot of what we’re doing with the concept collaborations that we work on with different brands, but at the end of the day I want a stronger black community. My one lecturer made me realize that you have to leave the door open for the next person interested in walking into your industry. I want to inspire people to develop their ideas into something, to follow their dreams…I want to create a culture of working to live life happily, not just to survive or subsist and I like to think that I can do that with the RNDM Network.

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