Therapy: Walking Back To Move Forward

Therapy: Walking Back To Move Forward

Image by Ilaria Urbinati (@ilaria_urbinati)

Whether you call a psychologist a “quack” or “shrink,” does not change the fact that you may need therapy. Moreover, psychiatric medical care isn’t reserved for the groups of people with the type of “crazy” that is “visible.” So before relegating therapy sessions to schizophrenic or bipolar patients, consider how your suburban life may be making you feel worthless too.

Personally, therapy has always been a form of treatment that only comes after trying to correct something on my own. I never imagined that I could go to a therapist before having attempted to “get over it.” Or better yet, I’ve imagined therapy to be the option that only comes at the height of hopelessness.

Yes, you can go to therapy too

Sometimes, sitting in the temperature controlled, color neutral, and minimalist, room of a psychologist is the daunting part of agreeing to therapy. We spend our days talking, especially talking about ourselves, anyways. Talking to a professional, once you start, is as easy as catching the perfect golden hour lighting in Cape Town.

Personally, I went into therapy with one question, “What are the best ways to cope with trauma after the fact.” There’s no undoing emotional trauma, the ‘terrible-ugly’ happened, and that is that. While I’ve always understood this, it didn’t make coping with the fact that I had lingering issues from various traumatic experiences.

I didn’t attend many sessions, and while I wish I did retrospectively, I’m also pessimistic now. Instead of asking how to cope, I ask myself whether I’ll ever cope. Nevertheless, the few lessons I learned from therapy included focusing on what I can do, expressing consent, and communicating my position on different topics.

In close, for anyone who still thinks therapy is for crazy people, consider that you may be more unhappy than what you’re playing your feelings down to be.