The scene

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, 4th Street Wines hosted guests for a pretty in pink, Sunday afternoon. The Project Runway SA sponsor left no stone turned in ensuring the comfort of its guests. Food vendors provided filling eats while mixologists crafted drinks to get everyone buzzing.

As a dancer, I fondly remember receiving recital t-shirts to match my other team mates. The older girls were always so creative about how they customized their t-shirts. At the Cape Town takeover, designers were tasked with finding a model from the crowd and customizing a t-shirt too.

Good Luck, an electronic band, “got the people going” during their set. The venue, Babylon, was spacious enough that everyone could see everything from almost anywhere. The same goes for the residents nearby, who watched Good Luck’s set from the comforts of their rooms.

Surprising cocktails

While I find their wines are too sweet to drink alone, they make the perfect base for cocktails! Check out the list of cocktails from the event.

4th Street White Wine & Peach Pitcher

“The perfect pairing of white wine, brandy, sweet peach, and zingy ginger flavors”

4th Street Summer Breeze

“This cocktail encapsulates the scents of summer with; fruity white wine, gin, cucumber juice, lemon and fresh dill”

4th Street Kir Royale

“An elegant, blend of red wine, Crème de Cassis and soda, garnished with fresh berries”

4th Street Raspberry & Basil Frosé

“This summery semi-frozen cocktail combines rosé sorbet, rosé wine, fresh basil, and raspberries”

4th Street Red Wine Fizz

“A flirty fizz made with red wine, Crème de Cassis, fresh orange juice and soda”