This month the #TourWithMisa series went to Woodstock, Cape Town. The “cool kid” hotspot is arguably the heart of Cape Town’s fine art scene, but this can be debated later. The argument more important is the one that advocates for better patronage of art galleries in South Africa.

Galleries in Cape Town are free to enter, so why aren’t there more people visiting them? It was Red Mosiane who raised this matter during her visit to South Africa’s “Mother City” last month. In summary, her point was simple: one can’t claim to be an art lover if they only engage with arts and culture when during the peak of its trendiness.

For a city hailed as one the most beautiful in the world, one may expect content creators are spoiled for stimuli. From the galleries, the seaside to the countryside, and back, bloggers have more than enough to find inspiration. Outside of producing content, however, the general public looks for fun things to do too.

Where to start

In the art scene, “First Thursdays” is one such event that draws every day people to the galleries. Tony East, Director of Goodman Gallery, acknowledges the event to be helpful in getting feet into the galleries, although notes it does have limitations. To him, something everyone should know about going to any art space is that they can ask questions. The art world can seem intimidating, but when you peel away that fear, gallery staff are there to share their passion for the work displayed.

Nevertheless, thanks to education, to Tony, “Future audiences are looking promising.”


Image of Belinda Blignaut’s exhibit at blank.
Visit Goodman Gallery or blank. gallery in Woodstock, Cape Town