Listen: VMIX’s ‘These Things Happen’ Is Here


Last week Wednesday, VMIX hosted a listening party for These Things Happen at the SAE Institute in Cape Town. Between tracks of the anticipated mixtape, the young rapper shared his journey in life with the audience. When he started recording three years ago, VMIX’s only goal was to get his message across.


These Things Happen sees VMIX narrating his life story. “The mixtape is intimate…it was made to listen on earphones and headphones,” he says. The twenty track project includes guest features, poetry interludes, and recognizable film and TV scenes. VMIX discusses his relationship with his father and a dysfunctional relationship with a former partner.

The mood of the These Things Happen is a far cry from light, but it has a few easy going gems in its roster. 2015 was a dark year for VMIX, which contributes to the project, but he shared that he has since healed. Stream the mixtape on Soundcloud below, and the project will be available for download in the music library later this evening.

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