VMIX: A Talented Lyricist, A Favorite Tweep, & Cassper’s Biggest Fan

Our parents may think of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, but our generation should know Ladysmith, KZN for Luvuyo “VMIX” Cindi. His pursuit of music came in his early teens when he stepped into the booth for the first time. 

VMIX considers himself an all around artist. He keeps himself busy by writing and drawing in addition to his foray into SA’s music industry. With a dedicated and supportive team of friends, he has built up a following in Cape Town and across the country via social media.

Coming to Kaapstaad

Before he made waves for his music, VMIX was an accomplished scholar at Pinelands High School. However, with great success comes great sacrifice…or in this instance, hardship and conflict. As head boy of his school, first team soccer captain, and house captain he says “I couldn’t afford to be distracted by things at home”. Namely, the conflict that ensued between himself, his mother, and her partner at the time. Eventually, after a falling out with his mother, VMIX moved out of his family home.

Since then, the two have made up and share a better relationship. The young talent now studies in Cape Town, at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He has built up a strong support system of friends since relocating to the Mother City. “I try my best to surround myself with people who are very ambitious and goal driven to succeed in their respective fields. Most of my friendships were built on a love for music,” the young hopeful explains.

I didn’t hear about VMIX until I saw his friends and, as I have since learned, members of his team sharing his work on Twitter. VMIX is most interested in the music making, so he understands the importance of taking the backseat when it comes to his own management. ThatKhanyoGuy, as you would know him on social media is both his manager and friend. Although you would swear the two are brothers by the bond that they share!

Connecxion Music Company and Social Media

VMIX believes “Collabos are very important for the whole culture” when it comes to alliances in the music industry. Recently the KZN rapper has been working with Connecxion Music Company. He explains working with the company’s founder, Twan Oluwafemi, to have been a pleasure. “We’re on the same page,” VMIX says about Oluwafemi. Even after the first time working together, VMIX felt that working with Connecxion Music Company was right.

VMIX has been promoting his music on social media for years. Even though he isn’t a full time artist, he has been performing more in recent months. The young rapper credits his accomplishments to date to social media. “For me pushing my music on social media has built a solid fan base for me,” he adds. This fan base is spread across the country, in major cities like Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town. Being able to connect to everyone online has made it easier for listeners to receive, not only his music but, him as an artist better.

“I want people to relate to my story,” he says about using social media for his music. Even though he is still working on his first project, his social media platforms have put him in a position to connect with already established artists in the industry, with whom he says he’s begun working.

Relating to music and Cassper Nyovest


Cassper Nyovest & VMIX backstage

We all know Cassper Nyovest for his highly catchy and beat laden music. For VMIX, he isn’t just a rapper, but someone to look up to on a personal and professional level. Some of you may have come across VMIX’s tweet of a video that circulated on SA Twitter featuring VMIX rapping for Nyovest.

“I’m a huge Cassper fan! I guess it’s his story; the way he has told his story,” that VMIX credits as part of Nyovest’s appeal. While it’s easy to think about the music alone,the aspiring rapper looks up to Cassper’s work as a businessmen. Having come into contact with Cassper on a few occasions, VMIX felt as if his inspirations energy and back story was something to which he could relate. In terms of how both of the artists left their proverbial nests at a young age, VMIX may be onto something about their common ground.

For the time being, we have a debut EP to await. Check out the video for “Sorry” below & drop a comment with your thoughts! All images (excl. image featuring Cassper Nyovest) shot by @halfandhalve


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