Vote Of Thanks: My First Oppikoppi, #OK24NOMAKANJANI

Now that the dust has settled after Oppikoppi 2018, I would like to say thank you. In no particular order, thank you to The Plug Magazine, Once Travel, Jagermeister SA, Tabeth, Shellingson, and TysonFREE. While there were even more people whom I have not named, so many people made Oppikoppi an enjoyable time for me.

Oppikoppi Music Festival 2018

For those who did not know, I covered the Oppikoppi Music Festival of 2018 this year! The festival is set in Northam, Limpopo, where I went with Once Travel for #HintOfPrintWithOnceTravel and The Plug Magazine for #ThePlugAtOppi. Throughout the festival, I committed myself to new makeup looks (including falsies), colorful print outfits, and bathing daily (which is apparently not the norm for many festival goers).

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