Wendy Gumede’s “Beyoncé’s Thoughts – In Zulu!” & “Our Zulu Mom” Is Quality Content

Wendy Gumede’s “Beyoncé’s Thoughts – In Zulu!” & “Our Zulu Mom” Is Quality Content

The Black Wendy Channel content before 2019, was personal, humorous, and opinionated. Wendy Gumede shared accounts of her life experiences, participated in YouTube trends, and more since launching in 2017. This year, as Beyoncé became more active in the public arena, particularly while promoting The Lion King (2019), Wendy struck content gold!

Beyoncé is known to stay out of the public eye more times than not, but 2019 has probably been one the few years where she’s maintained hypervisibility. From Homecoming to The Lion King and all of the music that came with each, the public has been spoiled with Beyoncé content. One of these spoils includes a video of Bey at a basketball game looking a little bored while a woman speaks across her to engage Jay Z. Wendy Gumede used this piece of content as the visual material to produce “Beyoncé’s Thoughts – In Zulu!”

Beyoncé Popularized “Our Zulu Mom”

Today, the video sits at over 65,000 views on Twitter. It’s earned her new subscribers and followers across YouTube and other social media platforms. In fact, her Zulu video content often clocks better views and engagements across YouTube and Twitter. After watching the Bey voice over, I tuned in further and found Wendy’s “Our Zulu Mom” series. This content features her impersonating how a typical Zulu mother would interact with any given situation.

“Our Zulu Mom” is her best performing content on YouTube. More than that, since the boom of “Beyoncé’s Thoughts – In Zulu!” on Twitter, her channel’s content has performed better as well. She’s continued narrating Bey’s public engagements and received the same love online as she did when she dropped her first Beyoncé voice over.

Why you should subscribe…

Hearing isiZulu in a modern context, and outside of dramatized television series and the news, is a treat. This is especially so for someone like myself who learns South African languages through online content consumption. Not only is Wendy Gumede producing quality content that teaches me isiZulu, but South Africa’s digital community is laughing too!