What I Learned About the 30 Day Yoga Journey I Couldn’t Finish

At the beginning of June, I started a 30 Day Yoga Journey. I haven’t completed it, and I’m okay with that. At some point life got the best of me, work got busy, and I fell ill. However, I learned the lesson that I set out to find.

Becoming less reactionary, breathing deeply

By the time I arrived in Johannesburg, for #HintOfPrintWithOnceTravel, I had only just caught up with my yoga sessions. On top of which, I had just begun showing symptoms of a cold. However, the lesson I learned while doing yoga, for as short a time as I did, was that a deep breath can change everything. Breathing exercises made me far less reactionary to different situations.

For instance, while I was in Johannesburg, in the middle of Braamfontein, my cellphone charger stopped working. While this may seem nonsensical to some, for me that would only make me anxious and stressed before I was meant to attend an event. For this reason, I found myself standing on Juta street, camera in hand, with a dying phone, taking a deep breath.

The people I was standing with looked at me like I was crazy for about five seconds. I didn’t care though. The power of breath is unmatched, and I remember reading as much in a previous edition of Elle years ago. In practice, during my not quite 30 Day Yoga Journey, that was the one thing that I’ve taken away from my yoga experience.

Leaving as much work at work before doing yoga

When I set out to do yoga, I planned to do each session after work. What I didn’t expect was to be so relaxed and ready for bed. I’m usually a night owl, so feeling comfortable enough to think I could wind down was refreshing. The one lesson I struggled with, however, was leaving work at work.

In essence, doing yoga daily would require me to grow comfortable with putting work away and focusing on taking care of my spirit. As a one-womxn-show forĀ Misa Narrates, and a full time Digital Strategist, finding the balance between my work can be tough. A major lesson I learned from the 30 Day Yoga Journey I couldn’t finish was to make time for the womxn behind the professional titles…Misa.