Yvonne Onyanta’s #FestivalBeautyZA Makeup Tutorial

Thinking about Rocking The Daisies

I posed a question about makeup and outdoor music festivals to my Twitter feed. Festival makeup looks are a cult favorite in the beauty community. At the same time, these looks are often widely underrepresented in South Africa. Rocking The Daisies and OppiKoppi are internationally known music festivals, but where are the looks? After asking my feed about their sentiments towards festival beauty, I thought to reach out to Yvonne Onyanta for a few tips to share with you all.

Being extra about makeup

Yvonne is a makeup artist, businesswoman, and beauty content creator. She hails from Nigeria, however she is based in Johannesburg. You may have seen a few of her makeup looks floating about your Twitter timelines by now. If not her makeup looks, then you would have seen favorite beauty content creators and girls on the ‘gram using her For The Queens glitter palette. In the true fashion of Nigerian beauty, Yvonne reminds her subscribers and viewers to “stay extra” after every tutorial. Reading this, you might think “But I’m not extra.” After watching her #FestivalBeautyZA¬† tutorial, however, you’ll be motivated to unleash your inner diva for Daisies and OppiKoppi!