Zintle Ramano joins Misa Narrates


Zintle Ramano is no new face to Misa Narrates. However this first time she is a contributor instead of a feature! She is the founder of Black African and Beautiful, an entrepreneur, and a hospitality student.

Call to write

Zintle recalls her first memory of her writing to be when she was nine years old. Her writing became a way to bond with the influential women in her life. But writing also served to help her work towards being a writer like Jaqueline Wilson, her then-favorite writer.

BAAB originally started on Tumblr in 2011 and later grew into its own domain. She describes that year as “the birthing stage of what we know as the ‘afrocentric, woke, community'” that we see online today. She started the blog to appreciate, what she describes to be, abstract beauty. “I wanted to curate people who looked like me and my friends, who didn’t feel beautiful.”

Social media and the creative arts

A favorite topic of Ramano is love, but writing about it didn’t start off so easily. Zintle’s personal relationship with social media is very different to what is seen of BAAB. In fact, her first blog on Tumblr was about anorexia and bulimia before it became the space that she uses to share her personal work today.

Ramano finds that social media can be very triggering. As someone who openly shares her own journey with mental health issues, she finds that the negative side of social media can be how fast paced and progressive people look. It is in that space, she believes, that people are liable to start comparing themselves to others, which pose as downers.

However, she has always appreciated “the fact that, through social media, I am able to meet people and access people whom I’ve been meaning to work with,” regardless of physical location.

“You are all that you need . You are your best friend. You are your first love. You are the love of your life…once you realize that without you there is no you.” – Zintle Ramano


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