I Shaved My Head, It Isn’t A Meltdown

We often wax so lyrical about black women’s hairstyles, and honestly it’s understandable; but at some point, we can just let hair be hair. In my case, I went from relaxing my hair after a few years being “natural” and then shortly thereafter shaved my head bald. This is not a cry for attention, I’m really just having fun and doing whatever I want. In case you missed both instances

Season One Of The Review Is a Wrap

Image shot by Austin Malema South Africa’s YouTube community is accused of being underwhelming and unoriginal at least once a month. At this point, I’m not going to bother myself by explaining how we are different and have varied content. After I wrapped season one of The Review, I’m concluding that the content exists, it’s just not as visible as the rest. I’ve written for urban culture publications like Hype

God is In The Rosefield Is here

I’ve been writing for years, since before my memory can recall. For me, this is next to nature. However, where poetry is concerned, I like to believe that 2015/6 was the time when I came into my pen more than I ever had before. Over the past 4+ years, I’ve been writing and contributing to various musicians, filmmakers, and publications. Now, I’m ready to release my own collection of prose,

The Sun-kissed Series (Vol. 1)

In collaboration with Ra, I present Volume 1 of The Sun-kissed Series; featuring Naledi Sibisi, Lydie Byart, and more.

Chatty GRWM: We are Not Talking, We are Dating

My Instagram followers unanimously decided that it was time to upload to my IGTV. In two polls, I allowed them to choose the topic of discussion as well as the platform of distribution. Suffice to say, they wanted an extension of my most recent blog about relationships, “We’re In A Global Pandemic, Your Relationship Must Adapt” and an IGTV upload. Instead of attempting a staunch sit-down approach, I was in

We’re In A Global Pandemic, Your Relationship Must Adapt

The excuse of “babe, you know I suck at texting,” is no longer applicable under the rule of Miss Rona, better known as COVID-19. Gone are the days of, “I don’t like phone/video calls,” or “I’m much better in real life,” excuses. We’re in a global pandemic sweetie, your communication skills and relationship must adapt. Personally, I’ve maintained a sterner rule around dating, or getting to know someone if we’re

Askies, There is Something Rotten With Radio

On Saturday, May 9, 2020 Moonchild Sanelly called out South African radio stations for their refusal to playlist/play her track, "Askies." The song features a body positive Moonchild expressing her comfort with her body over the JazziDisciples & Mr JazziQ single.

The Review (S1E4), Boity, “Bakae” Music Video Reaction

Episode 4 of The Review is ready for your viewing pleasure. This time around, we’re looking at Boity, the presenter/actress turned rapper. Her rise to stardom in South Africa’s hip-hop music scene has been quick from the outside looking in. Nevertheless, she’s got a few songs out and her talent can’t be denied. When it comes to her visuals, perhaps there is a little more to interrogate before arguing her

SAFTAs, The Fish Rotting From The Head

Perhaps I’ve disguised a rant as a blog, but I’m Misa Narrates and this is my digital space. On April 29, 2020 the South African Film & Television Awards (SAFTAs) were scheduled to be broadcasted live via YouTube. Unfortunately, this never took place, but instead, the winners were announced via Twitter. To say that this was a monumental fail would be an understatement. Especially given that the show was meant

The Review, Ari Lennox, “Bussit” Reaction

The third episode of The Review is here, and I couldn’t be more happy than to share this work with everyone. The comment section of my YouTube has never been so much fun to interact with. For now, if you haven’t subscribed, do the right thing eventually, because I know you’re watching. For now, enjoy my review of Ari Lennox’s “Bussit” music video! Also, for individuals looking to submit their